Have you found a Guerilla Poetics Project broadside? Register it here.

What is The Guerilla Poetics Project?

The long answer to that can be found in the Guerilla Poetics Project manifesto.

But in a nutshell, the GPP was a guerilla marketing strategy that existed to bring the poetry of the underground and small press poets of the world to the mainstream.

We began by letterpress printing short poems on small cards, these are called broadsides.

Letterpressed poem broadsides

The broadsides were then mailed to our poets and operatives around the world.

Mailing broadsides

Then the poets and operatives went into bookstores and libraries and covertly smuggled the broadsides into books.

Sticking broadsides Sticking broadsides Sticking broadsides

The broadsides were found by unsuspecting readers.

Unsuspecting reader discovers GPP broadside

The unsuspecting readers wondered who was behind such a marvelous surprise, and came to this web site to register their find.

Come to GPP!

They then discovered a new world of poetry and poets that they never knew existed.

See? Nothing to it.

For a better idea of what drove the Guerilla Poetics Project poets and operatives, read the manifesto.

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