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Amanda Oaks

amanda was born & still lives in pennsylvania where she dreams up this, that or the other thing. she runs words dance / verve bath press w/ the love of the word & the lust of spreading it on the brain.

DIY enthusiast!

Published in

some of amanda's work has popped up in poesy, remark, nerve cowboy, zygote in my coffee & my favorite bullet.

GPP Broadsides

GPP45 - June 2008
8 copies have been found.
caught without you
GPP29 - October 2007
15 copies have been found.


dreams that would drown most men
rose of sharon press - 2008 - joint chap w/ john dorsey

verve bath press - 2008

love notes
verve bath press - 2006

balancing on the brink
verve bath press - 2005


words dance
verve bath press
this always opens to the story within
pretty messes

Amanda Oaks

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