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Leonard J. Cirino

Leonard J. Cirino (1943) is the author of sixteen chapbooks and twelve full-length collections of poems from numerous presses since 1987. He lives in Springfield, Oregon, and has devoted four decades to reading, writing, editing, and publishing poetry. A limited edition, letterpress chapbook, The Truth Is Not Real, was published by Adastra Press, Easthampton, MA, in 2006. Ambiguities, a 136 page, Selected 2004-2005, was published by AA Press in 2007. His manuscript, Scattered Rhymes, has been accepted as a chapbook by Cervena Barva Press for 2008. His chapbook, The Ability To Dream, will be published by Phrygian Press, NY, in November, 2007. He can be reached at cirino7715@comcast.net

Published in

Lummox Journal, Blue Collar Review, Edgz, Grasslimb, Steelhead Special, others.

GPP Broadsides

The Price of Good Medicine
GPP23 - July 2007
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 - * - Denotes full length collection. All other books are under 48 pages.

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