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Miles J. Bell

Miles J. Bell is 35. His father was a boxer; his mother was a Cocker spaniel. He is attempting to live in Grimsby, northern England, where there is nothing to do and no-one to do it with. He is married to a girl he believes to be a saint with the capacity for violent bloody murder. All he really does is talk shit and write poems, but he suspects that's one more thing than most people do.

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Miles has had poems published in Remark, Words Dance, Word Riot, Underground Voices, Poesy.

GPP Broadsides

GPP12 - January 2007
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Icarus Rex
Forget You Books - 2006

Murder the darkness w/ laughter & stories
Verve Bath Press - 2006

The Finite Beat
Audacious Art Experiment - 2005


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Miles J. Bell

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