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Owen Roberts

Owen Roberts lives in Toronto, Canada. Hemispherical Press will be releasing Old Enough to Know Better, Young Enough to Do It Again in 2006. He is the owner of Compulsive Press, which published the collection Aggressive Behavior, and will be releasing the follow-up, Aggressive Behavior 2.

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Owen Roberts' work has appeared in Bottle, trespass magazine, Aesthetica, and Zygote in my Coffee.

GPP Broadsides

GPP06 - October 2006
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The Effects of Drugs and Prostitution
 - 2003

My Best Years Are Probably Behind Me
Bottle of Smoke Press - 2003

Sour Milk
 - 2002

Whitey Will Pay
 - 1999


Compulsive Press
Bottle of Smoke Press
Trespass Magazine
Zygote In My Coffee

Owen Roberts

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