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Hosho McCreesh

...is currently alive & working & writing & painting in the gypsum & caliche badlands of the American Southwest...loving the beautiful struggle...in addition to Thibodaux, Louisiana's prodigal daughter...

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Work appearing in both English & in translation abroad, in print, audio, & online. Recent credits include CHIRON REVIEW, QUERCUS REVIEW, LILLIPUT REVIEW, REMARK., CONCRETE MEAT SHEET (England), BLUE COLLAR REVIEW, MICROBE (Belgium), BOTTLE #5, NOUVEAUX DELITS (France), ORANGE PULP (audio), & the mighty, mighty NYQ. Also a broadside from Sore Dove Press (#12 in their TWO LINE BROADSIDE SERIES) & THE BEAUTIFUL FIRE, a broadside from TEN POINT PRESS is available for pre-order.

GPP Broadsides

Waffle House, 1 November 2007
GPP44 - May 2008
11 copies have been found.
GPP41 - April 2008
15 copies have been found.
GPP34 - December 2007
14 copies have been found.
Art, Love & War Will Always Favor The Brave...
GPP24 - July 2007
26 copies have been found.
van Gogh only sold one painting
GPP04 - September 2006
17 copies have been found.


Sunlight at Midnight, Darkness at Noon
Orange Alert Press - 2009 - Letters [circa 2002]

Marching Unabashed Into The Weeping, Searing Sun...
Bottle Of Smoke Press - 2008 - Available right now! Get it while the gettin's good...

37 Psalms from the Badlands
Kendra Steiner Editions - 2008 - out of print

For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed...
Sunnyoutside - 2008 - ~On Sale Now!

Next Exit: 8
Kendra Steiner Editions - 2008 - (Co-authored with Caleb Puckett) - out of print

Deep Surface Fissures Revealing A Furious Molten Core...
Stonehenge Studios - 2002 - out of print

Something Random & Tragic to Set The Guts Aflame...
Mockfrog Design Press (Australia) - 2001 - out of print

All The Days, All The Things...
Stonehenge Studios - 1999 - out of print

A Ravel Of Branches, A Frozen Moon Fading, Our Frostsmoke Mortality, & A Pale Sky At Dawn...
Hemispherical Press - More info soon!


Answering the Goddamned Bell  -  Interview by Scot Young, posted at Outside Writers
FIRE (England)  -  "VIRGA" - poem
OA Press
sunnyoutside press  -  new chapbook available September 18th, 2008
CONCRETE MEAT PRESS  -  2 poems--Lots of GPP poets featured
Kendra Steiner Editions  -  Bill Shute's terrific, ever-growing stable of writers
Poet Hound  -  Interview
Sore Dove Press  -  New broadside (not yet available)
What To Wear During An Orange Alert?  -  Interview
Johnny America  -  short fiction & non-fiction
Six Sentences  -  Flash Fiction
Bottle of Smoke Press  -  new chapbook available RIGHT NOW!
10pt Press  -  broadsides also available from justin.barrett, Christopher Cunningham, Dan Fante, Brian McGettrick, & Tony O'Neill
My NYQ Poets Page  -  Find All My Books In (& out of) Print
Outlaw Poetry [France]  -  Jazz, Blues, Beats & Outlaws!

Hosho McCreesh

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