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Christopher Cunningham

born in August of 1969, this strange misfit lives outside of Atlanta, GA with his lady of eighteen years, the photographer Cynthia Etheridge, and his dog of three years, Stella Blue, plus their adopted abandoned dog Miles aka Bullet. since 2001 he has published eleven books and chapbooks, and his poems, stories and letters have appeared throught the small and large press. Cunningham believes in the mystery of improvisation when it comes to making art; that a life attuned to What's Right is all the craft you need.

Published in

New York Quarterly, Nerve Cowboy, Pearl, Quercus Review, Fire (U.K.), Blue Collar Review, The Near East Review (Turkey), and etc.

GPP Broadsides

the wounded trees are still dying
GPP35 - January 2008
17 copies have been found.
GPP05 - October 2006
24 copies have been found.


Sunlight at Midnight, Darkness at Noon: The Cunningham/McCreesh Letters, 2002
Orange Alert Press - 2009 - forthcoming

In Gambler's Blood
Kendra Steiner Editions - 2008

A Sound To Drive Away The Coming Darkness
Propaganda Press  - 2008 - forthcoming

Flowers In The Shadow Of The Storm
sunnyoutside - 2007

Next Exit: Five
Kendra Steiner Editions - 2007

And Still The Night Left To Go: Poems & Letters
Bottle Of Smoke Press - 2006

Thru The Heart of This Animal Life, A Measure of Impossible Humor
Liquid Paper Press - 2005

Last Meal Of The Night
Blue Monk Press - 2003

18 Blue Collar Abstractions
CannedPhlegm Press - 2002

No I.D.
Mockfrog Design Press (Australia) - 2002

Screaming In Some Beauty
Four-Sep Publications - 2001


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Christopher Cunningham

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