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Hannah XX

I built this site with my brain, eyes, and fingers. Oh, and a computer. So brain, eyes, fingers, and a computer. Those four things. All used pretty equally. I mean sure, maybe not exactly equally, but...

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GPP Broadsides

five seconds well spent
GPP42 - April 2008
10 copies have been found.
sunshine, asphalt and senseless confusion
GPP25 - August 2007
12 copies have been found.
centuries of progress
GPP20 - May 2007
10 copies have been found.


Ink Poems
Chance Press - 2012

Desert Dog Press Chapbooks
desert dog press - 2012

I hate your blog! :)
Desert Dog Press - 2010 - Essays, 2003 - 2009

Karaoke Fever! (one of the books in Athenaeum)
Bottle of Smoke Press - 2010

No. 2236 Flying Wedge
Chance Press - 2009 - Short story

The GPPReader
Guerilla Poetics Project - 2007 - Download it!

Riding Out the Dumb Silence
Desert Dog Press - 2006 - Poems and short stories

ANTI WAR - A collection of dissident work by
(various) - 2005

alternative man
Mother Road Publications - 1997 - Poems and short stories

don't quit your day job
desert dog press - 1996 - Poems

porcupine quill pen
desert dog press - 1996 - Poems

Oscar Night
desert dog press - 1996 - Short story


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