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Doug Draime

Doug Draime was born in 1943 in Vincennes, Indiana. He began publishing in underground newspapers and the small press in the late 1960's, while living in Los Angeles, becoming part of the L.A. poetry scene (a more extensive bio can be found at http://laurahird.com). He also writes short stories and plays. Awarded small PEN grants in 1987 and 1991. He currently lives in Oregon.

Published in

Hundreds of print magazines, newspapers and online journals over the years.


Spiders And Madmen
Scintillating Publications - 2006

Poetic Inhalation - 2005

Unoccupied Zone
Pitchfork Press - 2004

Slaves of the Harvest
Indian Heritage Publishing - 2002


The American Dissident
Scintillating Publications
My Favorite Bullet
The Ragged Edge

Doug Draime

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