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Al Markowitz

Al Markowitz is a worker, an activist and a poet. He is also the editor and publisher of the Blue Collar Review, journal of progressive working class literature and runs Partisan Press where he labors to promote and expand the literature of our working class. He has worked as a printer, a medic, a mental health worker, a cook, a gardener, a cabbie, a factory slave, and, as a barely employable misfit, now works a part-time gig doing editorial work. He has been active in the struggles against Apartheid, American terrorism around the world, Nuclear Power, and war, as well as working in support of organized labor.

Published in

His work has appeared in The San Fernando Journal, Pemmican, The Hammer, The Black Water Review, Struggle, Main Street Rag, Political Affairs, Black Bear Review, Nisqually Review, and elsewhere.


In This House


River Of Silence


Jazz Prayer


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Al Markowitz

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