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Sam Pierstorff

Sam Pierstorff is currently the Poet Laureate of Modesto, CA (2004-2008). He teaches English at Modesto Junior College, CA and is the founding editor of Quercus Review. He received his MFA from CSU Long Beach in 1999, and has since bore two little kids (with wife's help), published more than 125 poems, won three trophies for bench-pressing, and has begun writing his 'great' American novel.

Published in

Free Lunch, Nerve Cowboy, Rattle, Slipstream, and Chiron Review


Formula 209
Slam on Rye, "Poetry TO GO Series," Vol. 1 - 2003

The Albatross Lives
Chiron Review Press - 2002

Scratching My Disco Balls
The Syrup Press - 1999

The Sauerkraut Burrito
The Syrup Press - 1997

Doing Donuts on the Road Not Taken
The Syrup Press - 1996


Quercus Review
Nerve Cowboy

Sam Pierstorff

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