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Ethel Mays

Peripatetic poet from the Sierra Nevada foothills of Eastern Tulare County; has been a featured prose and poetry reader in many California counties including Alameda, Mendocino, San Mateo, and San Francisco city/county; writes sense of place pieces based on rural background and a love of horses, ice hockey, and travel (once spent the night on a bus in the middle of a river near Copan, Honduras); current projects include an epic poem involving transformations, arcane poisons, and a war; coordinates an annual statewide Youth and Elders Art & Poetry Contest for youth and elders of any age who have experience in California's court system, giving them a voice by encouraging self-expression through the arts; is married to the road; written work is in Canadian and American publications.

Published in

Prose and poetry have appeared in the following venues:
"Other People's Memories," a Mendocino College literary art show; “Remembering 580,” a San Francisco art show commemorating the history of the Hayes Valley building housing the show; Livermore Wine Country Literary Harvest; Marin Poetry Center Anthology; Spirit Matters: Spiritual Voices in a Secular Age; Saturday Salon Literary Harvest


Colored Horse Studios
Marin Poetry Center
Pegasus and Pendragon Books
Arts Council of Mendocino County

Ethel Mays

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