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Brian Morrisey

BRIAN MORRISEY has had two chapbooks of poetry published. “Slow Drink” published by Magenta Press in August of 2003 and “Love Poems for the Wicked” published by Zeitgeist Press in January 2007. He gathers inspiration from the late Poet David Lerner and other Outlaw poets such as Todd Moore and D.A. Levy. Other inspirations include the Velvet Undergound and Andy Warhol’s Factory Years. His magazine POESY, was founded in 1991 and has featured interviews with Diane DiPrima, Jack Hirschman, and other well known poetic icons. Morrisey is the host and co-founder of the Wired Wash weekly Open Mic founded in June of 2004. He lives in Santa Cruz and works as a Marketing Director.

Brian Morrisey

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