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David Pratt

I am a Canadian who is currently deeply disturbed by the state of politics in Canada -- in particular the fact that the current prime minister is in office. Therefore, my reading right now only involves non-Canadian writers (I have given "exemption certificates" to Josef Skvorecky, Leonard Cohen and Mavis Gallant). Hallelujah! A new novel by Skvorecky has just come out in Canada! (I've already read it!)

The 21st century (around the world, not just in Canada) ought to have started out better than it has ... sigh. What's to be said? Reading the poets of GPP helps. Reading helps in general.

I will note that I do not log my placements. And I often keep some copies on hand "a bit longer" than one should in case I get a chance to broaden the range of placements -- in this way, I was able to take some to a different city (as I again did recently)! I do wonder at times what has happened to ones that I have placed, since some of the books in which I have placed the poems have disappeared but have yet to show up as "found" ...

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It wasn't poetry but I had my article entitled "On Reading Henry Miller's The World of Sex" published in "Nexus: The International Henry Miller Journal" during 2008.

David Pratt

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