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Patrico Belano

Northeast US roots, red brick mill towns in Kerouac country. Gulped academic learning in big state University but acquired life skills and humano insight wandering continental states on Trailways busses poking into neighborhood bars, thrift shops, precarious used bookstores; explored Europe nations by train and car, note in a bottle flung in ocean from Lisbon port, nights slept happy on small bed Shakespeare and Company waking to tend the store for George Whitman, Prague Beat generation Festival 1998 read in Ferlinghetti Marathon, drunken birthday revels Pamplona feria, Marrakesh hash euphorias and paranoia; 1980s Sandinista Nicaragua documenting Allen Ginsberg's contrarian questioning, Bluefields Atlantic Coast Rastafarian cultural resistance, separate meander ancient Mayan empire Palenque, Copan, Tikal; Caribbean islands searched for historical footnotes and havens of peaceful respite, Garifuna traces in St. Vincent, blue glass slave beads the sandy bay floor St. Eustatius, ghosts in Dominica mountains, rainforest, headlands buffeted by warm salt breath.

Writer and poet but frustrated by capitalist publishing empires & protocol; outsider visual artist with patron saints Joseph Cornell of the sculpted box and Ray Johnson mail artist eccentric. Live w/out kids with poet woman partner Bay State driving commuter trails to glassed corporate edifice, contributing by auto to climate change, biding time before fleeing to Dominica island haven in old age.

Patrico Belano

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