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Steven Sheffield

Once upon a time there was a boy named Steven … this boy had a fascination with all things bicycle, especially all that was new and flashy and wonderful and expensive. But as time passed, the boy learned to love the traditions, the history, the elegance.

As he grew older and became a man, he found his love of tradition grew beyond bicycles and began to encompass other aspects of life. Bicycles. Music. Fashion. Movies. Literature and poetry. Eras past merging into the present.

Witty and sarcastic, childish and campy, very dry and very subtle, with a love of debate and a willingness to argue pretty much anything, challenging peoples preconceptions, and being challenged in return.

A middle-aged man, who is still a punk at heart. Southern roots dictate a love country music, but tastes run to older country, bluegrass, and rockabilly.

Sinatra is a god, but Bobby Darin was always cooler, and Johnny Cash could kick both of their asses with his guitar tied behind his back. Jazz, Johnny Cash, and punk-rock.



Steven Sheffield

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