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C. Allen Rearick

C. Allen Rearick was born may 14th, 1978 in Cleveland, Ohio, otherwise known as "The Land of Levy", where he still calls home. He is a co-editor for Zygote In My Coffee, a bi-monthly e-zine and quarterly print journal of poetry, short fiction and comics. He is neither tall, dark, nor handsome. He enjoys black and mild cigars, decaf coffee, and reading Raymond Carver. His favorite color is Chewbacca.

  C. Allen Rearick's work has appeared in Open Wide Magazine, Poesy, remark., Opium, Mad Hatters' Review, Identity Theory, Dogmatika, Zygote In My Coffee, Shampoo.

  Through These Eyes
    Tainted Coffee Press - 2008 - A Flipbook Chapbook withe S.A. Griffin
  from cali to cleve. (split chapbook with greg-o)
    green panda press - 2006

A shy and quiet mourning
GPP14 - February 2007
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